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Sick Tree Wellness Services

When a tree is sick, there are two options: treat the tree or remove the tree. But just because it is sick doesn’t mean that you have to have the tree removed. There are ways to get it well again and make it the beautiful tree that it once was.

At All Seasons Tree Service, we can work with you to establish a tree wellness plan that will make your tree healthy again. Our certified arborists will work closely with you to determine which treatment plan is best for your sick tree and to devise a plan that will keep all other trees and shrubs on the property healthy.

We Work Closely With You

One of the aspects of our St. Paul and Minneapolis tree service that is unique is how closely we work with the client. We do not create a plan for you. Instead, we create a plan with you. If it is more feasible for a tree to be removed than for it to be treated, then we will tell you so that you can make a decision. If it is possible to treat the tree with a treatment plan, we will lay out the treatment plans before you so you can choose what works for you.

It is important to note, however, that treatment does take time. Unfortunately, there are not yet any treatments that instantly remove insects or cure a tree of disease. The extent of the infestation or disease will determine the types of treatment and the length of those treatments. If you notice the early signs of a bug infection or the tree is looking diseased, it is important to call as soon as possible because such ailments don’t necessarily have to be the death of the tree. There’s also the fact that the sooner the call is made, the shorter the treatment may be. This can be a money saver.

Restoring The Health Of Sick Trees

If you have more than one sick tree on your property, our Minneapolis & St. Paul tree services will utilize our sick tree wellness services to restore those trees to good health as well. Once cured, we can educate you on the care of your trees and other plants so that you can do everything you can to protect them and so you can identify problems as soon as possible so they can be taken care of quickly. This will preserve the health of your entire lawn for the long-term.

Contact A St. Paul & Minneapolis Tree Service

Just because a tree is sick doesn’t mean that it has to be removed. While removal is appropriate in some cases, treating a sick tree can be the right decision in others. There are different treatment methods available that will nurse a tree back to health so that it can continue to contribute to the beauty of the property. To learn more, call the Minneapolis office at 612-366-7497 or the St. Paul office at 651-690-3200 for a free estimate.

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