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Removal of Dead & Dying Trees

Dead and dying trees can cause a number of issues and most of the time those issues are safety-related.

When a tree is dead or it is dying, it becomes weak. This means that branches can fall off and hurt someone standing below or damage an object underneath it, such as a parked car. It also runs a higher chance of falling under the force of high winds or even the abuse that a hail storm inflicts on it. The situation is dangerous and that means the tree needs to be properly removed as soon as possible.

At All Seasons Tree Service, you can count on a tree being removed the right way. We work around obstacles so your lawn remains intact and we ensure the area where we are removing the tree is secure so that no one is injured during the process. It is our attention to detail and the great care that we take that makes us the high quality and dedicated St. Paul and Minneapolis tree service that we are.

Keeping Your Property Safe

The standard procedure is to chip all of the wood away and haul it off. If you wish to keep the wood for firewood, that is possible, otherwise it is taken to another location. There are a number of facilities around the Twin Cities that accept wood waste. Many times, this waste is used to generate energy. Other times, it is used in the creation of recycled wood products, such as composed or mulch.

We are also fully insured so that you are not responsible if any damage occurs to your property or a neighbor’s property. If we accidentally cause damage, then we will be liable and not you.

Using Only The Best Methods

We use only the best methods of dead and dying tree removal. We do not want to be removing the tree and it fall apart and hurt someone. We use a great deal of care, so what we do is highly methodical. There is a set of steps that are used to ensure that the tree is removed safely, efficiently, and in a way that there is never a safety threat. Once the tree is removed, our Minneapolis & St. Paul tree service can grind down the stump if you wish or completely remove the stump. If you opt for stump removal, we can fill in the hole, plant grass, and it will not take long for it to appear as if a tree was never on the property.

Contact A St. Paul & Minneapolis Tree Service

When trees are dead or dying, sometimes the best course of action is to have them removed. Removal can prevent the trees from becoming dangerous, from causing other surrounding trees from becoming diseased or infested. To have your dead or dying trees evaluated and a plan put in place, call our Minneapolis office at 612-366-7497 or the St. Paul office at 651-690-3200 for a free estimate.

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