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Fertilization and Growth Treatment

Minneapolis Lawn & Tree Fertilization

The key to a perfect lawn is having trees, bushes, and grass that are lush and green. To do this, they sometimes need a little help, especially if they have just been planted. At All Seasons we can administer fertilization and growth treatment so that the vegetation on your lawn grows to be what you want it to be.

We administer treatments that are designed to provide nutrients to your lawn, shrubs, and trees. That way healthy growth is promoted and the results are beautiful. Our Minneapolis & St. Paul tree service is dedicated to ensuring your property has the appeal and value that you need it to have.

Effective Fertilization & Growth Treatments

All of the fertilizers that we apply are applied according to the specifications of the manufacturer and they are applied at the optimal time of the year. Below is an example of how fertilization and growth treatments may be applied:

  • Lawn – Lawn treatments are typically applied twice a year to help provide proper nutrients for a healthy and green lawn during the growing season.
  • Shrubs – Fertilization treatments are usually applied in the fall and worked into the soil so that the entire root system is evenly coated. The root system takes in the growth treatment over the dormant period so that it can have healthy growth over the spring.
  • Trees – The roots can be injected with fertilizer and the injections occur at least one a year, usually in the early winter so that there is enough time for the treatment to make its way into the root system to encourage better spring growth.

Each treatment will ensure that the trees, shrubs, and groundcover on your property looks its absolute best and stays as healthy as possible. Healthy plants are less likely to become diseased or infested by any tree-killing insects that may be in the neighborhood.

Annual Fertilization & Growth Treatment Maintenance

We offer a number of annual fertilization maintenance plans that will promote the growth of the vegetation in your yard, while also reducing any unwanted weeds. We have treatments that can keep the weeds at bay so they do not overpower your flower gardens, bushes, grass, and other vegetation. We have treatment plans that take place all year round. In other words, All Seasons Tree Service can ensure that your trees, shrubs, and other plants are taken care of year round. The treatments we use are also safe and they are highly effective so that you can have a great lawn without unnecessary risks to your health or the environment surrounding the treated lawn or plants.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul Tree Service

When you need your trees, grass, or shrubs to grow, proper fertilization and growth treatment can do the job. We use environmentally friendly treatments that will not hurt you, your family, or your pets. If fertilization and growth treatment is what you need, All Seasons Tree Service can help. Call our Minneapolis office at 612-366-7497 or the St. Paul office at 651-690-3200 for a free estimate.

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