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Buckthorn Removal & Stump Treatment

You may see buckthorn in the natural areas of your property or you may suspect. Our arborists can look at your property and determine if you have a buckthorn problem. If you do have an issue, then we can create a buckthorn removal plan.

Removing this invasive plant species is very important because it can cause issues with the landscape. It is also very persistent and, sometimes, it can take years to eradicate. With the right treatment, the buckthorn on your property can be eliminated.

Helping you Deal With Buckthorn

So why is buckthorn an invasive species to Minnesota? The fact is that it came from Europe. It showed up in Minnesota around 1850 and people used it as a hedging material. It wasn’t until the 1930s that its invasive properties were realized, so it has been many decades since buckthorn was sold in nurseries. Now it has become a nuisance on properties throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and all of the Twin Cities.

There are two types of buckthorn. They are: glossy buckthorn and common buckthorn. Common buckthorn is the most problematic because it invades woodland and the edges of prairies and fields. It can survive drought and even live in areas with low sunlight. Our St. Paul and Minneapolis tree service has dealt with this pest time and time again, successfully removing it in many cases.

Protecting Minnesota’s Native Species

We identify and remove buckthorn accordingly. It is very important that we do this because there are some harmful characteristics of the plant. First of all, it squeezes out native plants, causing them to lack nutrients, moisture, and sunlight. It practically chokes out any healthy trees around it and makes it impossible for any new native plants to grow under it. This is because it creates a canopy that prevents anything from thriving. This causes degradation of wildlife habitats and even goes as far as altering the food chain in what would be an otherwise healthy forest. The entire natural balance of the ecosystem is affected by buckthorn and that is why our Minneapolis & St. Paul tree service works hard to remove it.

Buckthorn also hosts pests like Soybean Aphids and Crown Rust Fungus. Crown rust can damage oat crops and a number of grasses. Soybean Aphids can destroy soybean crops. If buckthorn didn’t exist in Minnesota, then these pests couldn’t survive.

Buckthorn also contributes to erosion due to overshadowing plants that would normally thrive on the forest floor. Buckthorn also doesn’t have the natural control like any diseases or insects that would curb its growth. All of this is why it is important to address buckthorn as soon as possible if you see it on your property.

Contact A St. Paul & Minneapolis Tree Service

Buckthorn is more or less a pest and the tree stumps that you want to keep can become diseased. When that is the case, we can remove buckthorn so that it is no longer a nuisance for you and treat those diseased stumps in order to avoid removal. To learn more about buckthorn removal and stump treatment, call our Minneapolis office at 612-366-7497 or our St. Paul office at 651-690-3200 for a free estimate.

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